We have made patterns on different textile products for IKEA, the products are called Glänta.

We have a new client, Hammarplast. We have worked with illustrations on lids of plastic storage. First out is a first aid kit box, more ...

Fancy our fabric Annbeth as a suit? Well IKEA's blog Livet Hemma did anyway.

We have a new client called Klinta & Co, they make scented candles and we have made patterns for a new brand of candles called United.

Our ringbinders for Bookbinders Design, in new colours.

This towel we have made for IKEA is one part of a range of bathroom products called Skäret.

This new pattern on fabric for IKEA is called Tidny. We made it for children to use textile pencils on, that way you can make ...

This pattern that we have made for a chair pad at IKEA is called Cilla.

We have made illustrations for IKEA on a dinner ware called Överens.

We have made a new pattern on a fabric called Gurine for IKEA. The idea with the pattern is that you can cut out the ...

We have made illustrations based on the four seasons as a decoration on scented candles for IKEA.

We have made illustrations for IKEA, the mug is called Ombytlig.

We have made an illustration and art project for Sweco, this is one of six different pieces.

We have made illustrations for IKEA Family sticking plaster Patrull.

We have made new patterns for IKEA Family, the collection is called Prydlig.

New pattern for IKEA, bathroom storage called Notudden.

We have made new dinner ware for IKEA, Trolsk.

More new stuff for IKEA, striped fabric called Annbeth in two colour combinations.

These tins that we have made for IKEA is called Nidelva.

We have made a new pattern for IKEA tins Tripp.