• Survival kit


    "Life is precious" survival kit design by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings for Fort Standard.

  • La Fragile


    Handwoven bags from La Fragile.

  • Rig Tig by Stelton


    New products, design by Jens Fager.

  • Kevlar Scissors


    Made in Sheffield England. Real good all arround scissors.

  • Pin cushions


    Handcrafted brass and copper pin cushions, design by Saori Omomo.

  • Thermometer


    If you want to know the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, this enamel thermometer is the solution.

  • Leather bag


    The Swedish brand Norrgavel has launched a leather collection, hand made and with organic leather treatment.

  • Sunny side


    If you want to make your breakfast extra sunny, this is the egg shaper for you.

  • House doctor


    New products from House doctor, view more here.

  • Linen blanket


    Woven in linen by Brahms Mount in US exclusively for Monocle. More info here.

  • Playing cards


    Iota is a deck of playing cards. Simple geometric symbols are reductive versions of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. Design Joe Doucet.

  • Orla Kiely


    We can warmly recommend these diffusers, perfect on the bath room shelf and with great scents as well.

  • Picninc


    A traditional handwoven picninc basket from Kaufmann.

  • Lex Pott


    True colour shelves, design by Lex Pott.

  • Elephant


    Natural wooden elephant with string to pull along, made in Germany.

  • Sebastian Herkner


    Chair: Very wood and a DIY-shelf called Transit. More work here.

  • Terttulla Ceramics


    Sara Söderberg is a ceramicist based in Stockholm Sweden. View more of here collection here.

  • Bird feeder


    A simple and elegant way of recycling unwanted food to your local wildlife.

  • PET lamp


    Lamps hand made of PET bottles in Colombia. Read more about this project here.

  • Cookie bags


    Made of kraft paper, what a nice give away...bake your own cookies and put them in these bags.

  • Beverage dispenser


    Handmade glass vessel with tap, keeps seven quarts of lemonade, iced water etc.

  • Zoë Mowat


    Arbor, jewellery stand. More pics here.

  • Car tent


    VW-bus tent. We like, even though we do not like camping.

  • Lindsey Adelman


    Catch pendant and floor lamps. View more here.

  • Slingshot


    This Slingshot bring back memories! If you do not have the urge to make one yourself, you can buy it here.

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