By Claude Lalanne. Via Wallpaper.

Ceramic leaf plates, design by Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro, via Artilleriet.

Aji Stone Pickling weight / door stop from Mjölk online shop.

Beautiful! Via Mary Lennox.

Goa cutlery collection from Cutipol.

Created out of combined marble blocks with a cedar wood top, by Francesco Media for Luce di Carrara. Via Wallpaper.

Ceramic French Press, 1 Liter (8 cup).

We hope you all have a lovely summer! Picture by Lauren Coleman

New collection of summer shirts from Tradlands.

A Tyrol inspired pre-fall collection for Chanel.

On the wish list, this iconic thermos.

Pics from the book On Being an Artist, which traces Michael Craig Martin's life and career. More pics here.

Let's dive in.

Time for some ice cream Teddy Bear style. Pics via here and here.

Recycled glas items like wine bottles, turned into new objects like small art pieces, candle holders and lamps. View more products made by Återbrukshyttan.

Frida Kahlo inspired collection, via Trend Tablet.

We feel honored that our poster, In the larder, got a spot in this beautiful kitchen.

Pot with lid, nice design from Nicolas Vahé.