We have created a new graphic identity for Sveriges Konsumenter.

7 Days collection are now available at Leksandstolens online shop!

Our new collection of paper cup designs for Askul Japan.

Our Abacus poster: Count on me, is now in production again. You can order it via Studio Natal.

This Floral table is called Thursday, made of untreated birch with a removable box. 

This ladder is called Saturday and is perfect to hang your clothes or towels on!

The tray table Wednesday is made of untreated birch and three different sized trays, easy to remove and use as separate trays.

Todays product from 7 Days Collection is the lamp Tuesday and it comes in two different sizes.

More products from 7 Days Collection, let´s start the week with the mirror Monday in 7 different colours.

We are launching our products for Leksandsstolen right now. This is the daybed Sunday and screen wall Friday. More pictures to come.

Our alphabet puzzle for toy manufactor Micki.

From now on we will no longer blog on a daily basis. Unfortunately we just don't have enough time. Instead this will be our ...

Our new ziplock bags for IKEA.

This is one part of our collection of paper products for IKEA called Givande. The collection also includes tissue paper, stickers, paper labels, candy bags ...

Our most recent work for IKEA is this textile bag called Snajda.

View more beautiful work of Nina Johanna Christensen here.

Good start up tools for gardening, from Barebones Living.

Spring / Summer collection 2017.

View more work here.

Beautiful vintage sofas, now at Bukowskis online auctions.